Who develops the content for the Spectrum Health Network?

All of Spectrum’s original health programming is developed by experienced health journalists and public health professionals. Our editorial content, which educates about health conditions, encourages healthier lifestyles and emphasizes preventive care is reviewed by our medical advisory board made up of practicing physicians in diverse fields.

What makes the Spectrum Health Network different?

We are not TV. Our programming has been specifically designed to be an extension of the healthcare practice. Our content is health, education and wellness, covering topics that physicians feel are important. Spectrum is a digital network, meaning customizable down to the single screen and flexible in offerings. Furthermore, our unique three-zone design offers unmatched custom messaging opportunities for the medical group.

How is the programming delivered?

The Spectrum Health Network uses a remote transfer technology to safely and securely download messages to your network. This digital technology allows the network to check in with the server every 10 minutes, ask for new information and, without interference to your internet connections, download new content or messages. The network only pulls information from the server preventing any internal or external hacking.

How is this beneficial for my patients?

Spectrum was developed as a health and educational media entity. Our primary focus is being an extension of the health environment. We understand the challenging environment in healthcare today and patients can spend more time waiting than being treated by his/her practitioner. This is why our content is hand -picked to represent what physicians want their patients thinking about. Our programming is written to foster communication and increase awareness of issues facing the health industry today.