Focused on Health, Education and Communication

The Spectrum Health Network was specifically designed for the large vertically integrated group practice. We have specific skills helping your group implement an internal and integrated waiting room communication network. We understand:

- Your groups financial risk for medical services, education and pharmaceuticals
– Your groups needs to focus on patient education and preventative programs
– The challenges communicating with many offices throughout large demographics
– The difficulties promoting new services, new offices and new policies

Two options exist to finance your internal waiting room communication system:

Capital Purchase and Subscription Model:

With this model, your group purchases all capital equipment through Spectrum. Included in each system purchased is:

· High Definition LCD 32” monitor

· Media Player

· Site survey and install drawings of each waiting room by licensed technician

· Installation, including all cables, electrical and mounting brackets

· Internet cabling and safe integration within existing network

· Technical support

· Set up of message manager

Systems can be purchased as needed in accordance with your group’s health/education budget and rolled out over time or all at once. Spectrum then charges a monthly license fee to manage the network, software, content license, continued tech support and playlist management.

Ad Supported Approach:

Spectrum can also supply you with the entire system at no cost. We do this by forming a partnership with your group’s vendors and formulary drug representatives to fund your rollout. We ask that your group make the appropriate introductions to approved brands and products that would sponsor content or paid educational series throughout the network. Your preferred vendors get exposure to promote education and wellness messages, and the network becomes no cost to your group.