Focused on Health, Education and Communication


As an extension of your medical group, teaming up with the Spectrum Health Network has far reaching benefits for both your organization and your patients.  The Network’s powerful software provides your practice a platform for communication and an efficient way to foster relationships with your patients.

The Spectrum Health Network was designed to function as “your” network, as an accompaniment to your medical practice.  Whether you choose to purchase the system or work within our ad model, there are no formulary compliance issues to worry about and no advertising deemed controversial.  The focus is to build an integrated multi-specialty waiting room network to communicate relevant health information to your patients, enhance awareness and promote your practices health and educational initiatives.

Key Benefits of the Network for group practices:
– Customize each screen in your network to reach specific groups of clinics
- Use the network to introduce new services, physicians or play full sound videos
- Keep the waiting room environment focused on health and education
- Hardware, software, installation and technical support fully provided and ongoing
- Continuous medical group branding throughout the playlist
- Specialty specific content
- Use of network for off hours training or medical group scheduled messages