Focused on Health, Education and Communication

The Spectrum Health Network represents a powerful tool in practice enhancement, patient communication and educational initiatives. Spectrum is your digital waiting room network developed from a “health-centric” perspective to be an extension of your medical practice, relaying your information to your patients while waiting for his/her physician. The Spectrum Health Network is not television.  We are a 100% digital out of home media company built for the multispecialty group practice health model and independent physician association.

Delivering content digitally allows for unmatched customization and local messaging for each practice, specialty or demographic.  Furthermore, the Spectrum Health Network is delivered to appear like your network, coming from your corporate offices with your messaging.  A few unique highlights of the Network:

- HD LCD flat panel monitors, installation and full technical support
- Silent, audio or subtitled programming
- Right side of screen is 100% dedicated to your group and controlled by you onsite
- Play your videos, success stories or testimonials to your waiting patients
- Content can vary per specialty office (Pediatric, OBGYN, General Practice)
- Use of the digital network for physician or administrative training programs

How it works:

The Spectrum Health Network uses a remote transfer technology to safely and securely download messages to your network.  This digital technology allows the network to check in with the server every 10 minutes, ask for new information and, without interference to your internet connections, download new content or messages.  The network only pulls information from the server preventing any internal or external hacking.  Larger content files are only downloading between the hours of midnight & 5:00 AM, meaning no streaming video and no spikes in bandwidth during patient hours.